«Those reasons could include a case where information would

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Cheap Jerseys from china Other ratings These are assigned by the Motion Picture Association of America. (504) 887 1257. (504) 263 2298. Ontario Superior Court Justice David McCombs signalled last week that he was prepared to release the video, recorded last summer, for television broadcast but still had to decide whether to make it available on the Internet.The Crown had opposed the use of the entire 31 minute video on the Internet, arguing it could be misused by the public, but McCombs said the only basis upon which the court could ban access is «sound policy reasons.»Those reasons could include a case where information would pose risk to a fairness of a trial, avoiding distress to those affected by Bernardo’s crimes or removing the threat that releasing the video would «attract misuse by a malevolent few.»None of those reasons applied in this case wholesale nfl jerseys from china, McCombs said.»The Bernardo video does not contain graphic images or descriptions of Bernardo’s crimes. If it did, my conclusion would have been different,» he said in his decision.»Open justice and public scrutiny are core values in our justice system. Unless the press has access to court information and exhibits they are unable to provide the information to the public.»The video was an exhibit at the trial of Robert Baltovich, who was found not guilty in the 1990 disappearance and death of Bain, his former girlfriend.Although Baltovich’s lawyers have pointed the finger at Bernardo, he has denied any involvement and has never been charged in the death of the former University of Toronto student.In the video, which was viewed in court in the run up to Baltovich’s trial, Bernardo in prison indefinitely for the murders of schoolgirls Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy is asked whether he killed Bain.»That’s a loaded question,» comes the reply.More than two minutes later, Bernardo said: «The answer to that is no Cheap Jerseys from china.

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