Meets NY and CA Clear Air Standards

One thing that sets all cards apart from one another are the software and extra things included with the video card to enhance your enjoyment of the product. In most cases, price and extras is almost the only difference as most companies are building Ti500 cards to NVIDIA reference board specifications. PNY’s box is pretty shiny, no doubt to get your attention when looking at other cards sitting on the same shelf.

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cheap oakleys And on the e com side, we continue to see good growth on e com and increasing role for e com in our sales. E com sales were up 57%. We had excellent results on the bottom line as well. Why do we need protection from it? I will use the Ozone Depletion slide to talk about the dangers of pollution making the «HOLE in the Ozone Layer.» I will bring in my aerosol hairspray can as an example. On the back it says, «Contains no CFC’s. Meets NY and CA Clear Air Standards.». cheap oakleys

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