From $682, the three night Halloween package includes a stay

They are doing this when our dollar is shamefully poor. How many times in the last few years has Searchmont opened late in the season because of warm weather or closed for a few days because of the poor weather?. We read about this every year. Hankering to show off this year’s costume and get spooked at the same time? Salem, Massachusetts, is surely worth the trip. Home to the gruesome witch trials and executions of 1692, the town is still haunted by its past and throughout the month of October, the town plays host to numerous haunted house tours, pumpkin festivals, movie screenings, and plenty of other Halloween themed shenanigans. From $682, the three night Halloween package includes a stay at the cozy Emerson Inn in nearby Rockport with breakfast daily, as well as transportation and two tickets to the annual costume ball held on Halloween night at the historic Hawthorne Hotel an event no Salem visitor should dare to skip..

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